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Kick_Me [DIY Kit]


Kick_Me [DIY Kit]


Bass Drum Module

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Bass Drum Module

Full DIY Soldering Kit

This kit includes all the necessary parts to build a complete SnazzyFX module. 


We are not responsible for blowing up your speakers!

Snazzy’s first step into the world of drum modules, the KICK_ME is our take on the all important bass drum. As usual, we prefer tweakability over vintage pedigree, so the KICK_ME doesn’t sound just like your classic XOX drum machine. However, with a wide range of useful sounds easily created with a few knob twists, we think that’s a good thing. 

Width: 8HP 


  • Two separate kick channels from one trigger input
  • Kick drum “A” features a wide variety of kick styles, from tight rock kicks to blown out techno bass drums
  • Kick drum “B” features control of decay and is designed for maximum sub bass
  • Linear CV input allows for useful pitch FX
  • Designed to allow for live changes, the KICK_ME works well during a show or improvisation without any nasty surprises
  • Clipper switch for special blown out sounds
  • Can go from tame and tiny to mean and angry
  • With two separate kick outputs, you can setup interesting patches utilizing distortion, filtering, or FM